WaveGauge wavefront sensor

PhaseView has introduced its WaveGauge digital wavefront sensing technology, able to provide an unprecedented amount of wavefront data on a super-resolution 500 x 500 grid with at-pixel (6.45µm) resolution.

The device has applications in real-time testing of lenses delivering high speed (one lens per second) and high accuracy (λ/20 rms). Intensity and high-resolution wavefront mapping with PhaseView’s digital wavefront cameras allows WaveGauge to carry out simultaneous surface quality visualisation and aberration analysis of most complicated lenses with spherical, aspheric or toric shape. All critical parameters in lens testing can be accurately measured, such as diopter power and power maps, high-order lens aberrations, point spread function (PSF), modulation transfer function (MTF), and effective focal length (EFL). Also, a comparison to a lens design or theoretical data is performed.