Phoenix Photonics

SDM Components

Phoenix Photonics, the UK-based optical fibre components specialist, will launch a new range of fibre spatial mode control components, complementing its polarisation mode control range, at the OFC show in California

Firebird instrumentation

Phoenix Photonics has unveiled two new Firebird instrumentation range products that are a programmable polarisation control instrument and an associated polarisation controller microprocessor interface

Firebird Instrumentation

UK-based optical fibre components specialist Phoenix Photonics has unveiled two additions to its Firebird Instrumentation product range

2micron coupler

UK based fibre optics specialist Phoenix Photonics is exhibiting its new 2 micron fibre couplers at Photonics West 2012


Phoenix Photonics, the UK-based fibre optics specialist, has unveiled a new multi-channel polarisation controller

All-fibre phase shifter

Phoenix Photonics has introduced its low drive-voltage variable phase shifter. The simple to operate all-fibre device for wideband operation offers >50ð phase shift as standard, and >150ð by request

Polished fibre substrates

Phoenix Photonics has introduced a new product range based on its all fibre technology. Phoenix is now offering the polished fibre substrate as a standalone product.

Polarisation controller

Phoenix Photonics has launched an eight-channel polarisation controller, based on its popular range of electronically variable all-fibre waveplates. The instrument offers both conventional manual polarisation control and analogue voltage control.

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