Photon has introduced the USBeamPro CCD, a 12-bit CCD-based high resolution laser beam profiling system with USB 2.0 connectivity, operating under Photon's BeamProfiler Software in Microsoft Windows


Photon has launched a Windows Vista-compatible version of its USBeamPro laser beam profiling software.


Photon has updated its NanoScan beam profiler software, which now operates on the Windows Vista operating system. The beam profiler uses Photon's scanning-slit technique for accurate beam profiles.

ModeScan Model 1780

Photon announces a new beam profiling system to measure the M2 beam propagation ratio and all associated ISO 11146 parameters in real time.

Automated beam profiling system

Photon has announced a new automated beam profiling system that acquires high-precision beam profiles along an optical path. It is ideal for collimation measurements and optical analysis.

M2 Wizard

Photon has added the M2 Wizard option to its NanoScan beam measurement instrument. The M2 Wizard uses a step-by-step procedure known as the Rayleigh method to measure the M2 parameter.


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