Planar piezo scanner catalogue

PI (Physik Instrumente), a manufacturer of piezo nanopositioning systems and scanners for microscopy, bio-medical and nanotechnology applications, has released a catalogue on planar piezo scanners for atomic force and scanning probe microscopes

P-563.3CD PIMars stage

PI's P-563.3CD PIMars stage is a piezo flexure-guided scanning/nanomanipulation system, offering sub-nanometre resolution and 340 x 340 x 340µm travel in X, Y, and Z directions

N-380/N-381 NEXACT ceramic linear motor actuators

PI has released the N-380/N-381 NEXACT ceramic linear motor actuators. The new actuator is based on the Piezo Walk principle and replaces classical lead screw actuators combining high forces and long travel ranges with sub-nanometreresolution

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