GNU Linux programming library

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A new programmer's library under the GNU Linux operating system is now available supporting the PicoHarp 300 time-correlated single photon counting system from PicoQuant. The new library is fully API compatible with the corresponding library version 2.0 for Windows. It comes as a shared library supporting several new features also available under Windows, including support for multiple PicoHarp devices operated simultaneously. The new library supports all 32-bit 2.6 Linux versions.

The library allows multi-detector routing with a new router model, the PHR 800. It also provides improvements for the instrument's time-tagged time-resolved (TTTR) mode, where all events are captured as precisely timed individual records. The library supports the latest PicoHarp hardware, providing four external marker inputs. These markers for synchronisation with other processes can be recorded as part of the TTTR mode data stream, providing synchronisation with virtually all existing imaging devices including laser scanning microscopes (LSM).