Rofin's Select is an ergonomically designed and fully integrated laser welding system

PowerLine L series

Rofin has introduced PowerLine L series q-switched 1064nm 200W 10KHz lasers for high-speed micro material processing, with a special focus on photovoltaic manufacturing

StarCut Tube Femto

Rofin has introduced its new StarCut Tube Femto system, which offers cold laser cutting for medical device manufacturing

PowerLine SL 8 IC

Rofin has introduced its PowerLine SL 8 IC, a laser developed specifically for the fine cutting operations required during the manufacturer of TFT flat-panel displays

PowerLine SL PV series

Rofin has released its PowerLine SL PV series, specifically developed for use within the automation and production systems used by the photovoltaics industry.

Reel-to-reel system

Rofin has launched its turnkey reel-to-reel system targeted at the production of flexible photovoltaic products

StarPerfo Advanced

Rofin has introduced its StarPerfo Advanced film perforation system, making use of the company's web movement compensation system to achieve complete compensation during laser processing of packaging materials

CombiLine Cube

The CombiLine Cube from Rofin is a laser marking system providing the benefit of non-contact, abrasion-resistant, permanent marking onto many different types of material.

StarWeld Select

Rofin's StarWeld Select laser system with its CNC control system ensures highly repeatable processing and accuracy in medical device production.


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