CombiLine Basic

Rofin's new CombiLine Basic offers a technical solution for laser marking, a stand-alone workstation with a working chamber, fully integrated marker and smart operation technology


Rofin's EasyJewel product, for jewellery marking and deep engraving, now features an enhanced mode to achieve large engravings with immaculate surfaces and seamless circumferential designs

Scanner Welding System

Rofin's Scanner Welding System (SWS) is a fast beam deflection system used for robot-guided multi-spot welding and developed for use in conjunction with Rofin's fibre laser series, which is available with output powers of up to 4,000W

Modular Processing System

Rofin's new Modular Processing System (MPS) is a medium-sized, multi-purpose workstation for a very wide range of automated laser material processing applications

StarPack Web Direction System

Rofin's high speed StarPack Web Direction System comprises of a 600W CO2 laser, with up to four individual WMC heads, designed for creating holes in fast-moving material, such as product packaging

PowerLine Prime 15 laser marker

Rofin's marking division has launched its PowerLine Prime 15 laser marker, which comes pre-configured and ready to use on a wide range of materials and applications

Laser systems for solar cell manufacturing

Rofin recently showcased five examples from its comprehensive range of technologies for solar cell manufacture, covering thin film and crystalline silicon (c-Si) technologies as well as volume production and research


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