StarCut Tube

Rofin's StarCut Tube uses fibre laser technology specifically designed for tube cutting and processing applications. The system can be used to create a diverse range of cutting geometries.

Integral laser

Rofin has released the Integral laser, which provides 200W of laser power with sweet spot generation.


Rofin has released CUBE, which is a platform for the integration of a range of laser sources such as solid-state, fibre or diode lasers for marking.

DC 050 laser

Rofin has released the DC 050 for welding applications, from the company's DC Series.


Rofin has released a remote welding system, known as the RWSflex.

Remote Welding System

Rofin has released its Remote Welding System (RWS), which is a laser system mounted above the working area, on a gantry, with the laser beam being delivered to the working area below by a series of mirrors.

Profile Welding System

Rofin's Macro Group has released its Profile Welding System (PWS), which is a complete system designed and configured to weld tubes and profiles using fully integrated sensor technology that detects the weld gap and enables seam tracking.

PowerLine IC-E

Rofin has released the PowerLine IC-E, which is one of a family of fully programmable IC markers, specifically designed for the semiconductor industry, which use solid state laser technology to provide high quality marking capability at high speed.


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