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Illustration of a three-dimensional crystal with various types of confining centres. (a) Crystal with four confining centres, each trapping waves (yellow) in all three dimensions simultaneously. (b) Crystal with a linear confining centre where waves can propagate in one dimension, analogous to an optical fibre. (c) Crystal with a planar confining centre where waves can propagate in two dimensions, analogous to a 2D electron gas. (Image: Vos et al.)

Researchers further understanding of wave behaviour in photonic crystals

Newly discovered fundamental rules have been embedded into software to dramatically optimise the design of photonic integrated circuits, Matthew Dale finds

Dr Okky Daulay (left) and Professor David Marpaung (right) have overcome the performance challenges of programmable microwave photonic circuits. (Image: University of Twente)

Programmable photonic filter delivers 'record-breaking' dynamic range

The filter represents a breakthrough in the integration of functionality and performance in radio frequency photonic signal processors

Jelmer Renema

Jelmer Renema is well poised at the cutting edge of photonic quantum computing, as both an assistant professor in the adaptive quantum optics group at the University of Twente, ‘the heart of the Twente photonics ecosystem’, and the CTO of QuiX Quantum. 

QuiX is rarely out of the headlines at the moment, having announced the world’s most complex quantum photonic processor earlier this year and winning a €14 million contract to build the world’s first photonic universal quantum computer for the German Aerospace Centre in September. 

Gazing into a photonic crystal ball

Physics gets decidedly weird once structures are created at scales similar to the wavelengths of light, yet these photonic crystals are set to revolutionise many aspects of everyday life, reports Russ Swan

Sound medical judgement

Photoacoustic imaging is on the threshold of clinical adoption. Jessica Rowbury explores the current progress and looks at what is needed if the technology is to be applied within medicine

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