Breault Research Organisation provides training classes

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Breault Research Organisation (BRO) has released a new schedule of training classes that will enable optical designers to efficiently and accurately solve optical challenges using the company's Advanced Systems Analysis Program (ASAP). ASAP is used for the virtual prototyping of optical systems and devices.

Classes will be taught at BRO's training centre in Tucson, as well as international locations, by senior optical engineers - each an expert in optics and skilled in the art of teaching. Course offerings include the introductory ASAP tutorial and application-specific ASAP tutorials in automotive illumination, biomedical systems modelling, illumination design, stray light analysis, and wave optics. All classes range from three to five days in length.

Chris Bonnerup, a research instructor at East Carolina University, said: ‘BRO's advanced tutorial on volumetric scatter and fluorescence in biomedical applications was excellent. Informative lectures and hands-on sessions demonstrated how ASAP can be used to model these phenomena.’