Photonics people

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Several major companies have made significant appointments recently, including Intense, Melles Griot and Photonic Products

Intense has appointed Kevin Laughlin as vice president of sales for North America. He will direct the activities of Intense’s new North America office, and support the release of new high-power laser diodes, bars and stacks. He brings more than 20 years of industry experience to the job. He is the former chairman of numerous technical conferences and advisory boards, including the Industrial Laser Advisory Board for the Laser Processing Consortium at Penn State Applied Laser Research Lab.

Photonic Products, recently acquired by StockerYale, has welcomed Tony Wright (pictured) as director of sales for its expanding operations. Wright originally worked as a hands-on engineer before moving onto to sales management positions with Melles Griot and Linos Photonics.

Lastly, Scott McLeod has joined Melles Griot as product manager of the opto-mechanical product line. He will support Dr Bruce Capron, director of sales and marketing, and will manage the marketing of all optical-mechanical products, including electronic shutters.