Fluorescence microscopy workshops

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The NSF Centre for Biophotonics, UC Davis and Picoquant are to host a joint fluorescence microscopy workshop in Sacramento, California, on 18-19 January. The workshop precedes the Photonics West event, which takes place from 20-25 January in San Jose, California.

The title of the workshop is ‘Making single molecule fluorescence lifetime measurements simple’. It includes lectures as well as hands-on lessons with lifetime microscopy equipment.

Invited speakers and their talks include: W.E. Moerner (Stanford University, Stanford, USA), ‘Single-Molecule Fluorescence Imaging Reports on Biomolecular Dynamics’; Shimon Weiss (University of California Los Angeles), ‘Single molecule probing of dynamic conformation, molecular interactions and dynamic localisations in-vitro, in live cells and in organisms’; and Paul Wiseman (McGill University, Montreal, Canada), ‘Cellular cartography using image correlation methods: Mapping protein flows and interactions in living cells’.