Cristal Laser celebrates 20th anniversary

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Cristal Laser, the French provider of non-linear materials, is celebrating its 20th anniversary, having started as a spin-off of the University of Sciences at Nancy, with a patent based on halide flux-grown KTP crystals.

Over the years KTA, RTP, LBO and BBO were added to the list of materials and today Cristal Laser employs 16 skilled individuals, runs more than 50 growth stations, and provides complete material characterisation, fabrication and quality assurance services. Utilising its custom-designed equipment, Cristal Laser has become an industry leader in providing high-end, non linear crystals utilised by laser manufacturers and laboratories throughout the world.

Most recently, Cristal Laser has become the leading manufacturer of high quality very large aperture LBO crystal for high energy laser market and continues to enhance the performances of Q-switch devices based on its RTP crystal.