DOPS prize awarded to Johan Holm of Ibsen Photonics

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Johan Holm of Ibsen Photonics has been presented with the yearly DOPS prize from the Danish Optical Society, given to an individual whose contribution to the Danish optics field has been of unique quality and importance.

The award was given to Holm for his efforts and results in connection with the development of Ibsen's polarisation independent gratings (PING gratings) whose main application area is telecom ROADM/WSS modules. They offer unprecedented high efficiency and low PDL over a very broad bandwidth and furthermore with unique thermal and environmental stability due to their fused-silica nature.

Kristian Buchwald, grating product manager at Ibsen, said: ‘Johan Holm has not only developed a novel grating technology, he has also devised a manufacturing technology that allows us to produce gratings in high volumes with cost-efficient semiconductor processing technologies.’