Dr Thomas Baer to give keynote at Invest in Photonics

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Dr Thomas Baer, executive director of Stanford Photonics Research Center, will give the keynote address at Invest in Photonics, a two-day international partnering convention that brings together experts in photonics and leading investors from Europe and beyond to meet with emerging photonics companies seeking financial support.

Baer will open the Invest in Photonics event, taking place from 18-19 March, with a presentation on 'New Opportunities in Photonics: A Perspective from the Stanford Photonics Research Center'. Baer says that advances in photonic crystal fibres, optical combs, in vitro biophotonic imaging, high efficiency photovoltaic and LED devices, frequently originating in university and government labs, require industry to evolve them for successful translation into useful products. He will highlight examples of innovative photonics.

Other international speakers at the event include: Michael Lebby, president and CEO of OIDA, will discuss green photonics technology; Dr Dennis Matthews, Center for Biophotonics, UC Davis and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, will present: 'Biophotonics Products, Markets: Current and Emerging and Challenges/Opportunities'; and Andrès Pieczanski, managing director of Jefferies International, will present on 'Technology Capital and M&A Markets Review and Outlook'.