Electronik Product of the Year named

Seoul Semiconductor’s flash LED has been named ‘Product of the Year for 2008’ by Elektronik, an electronics magazine in Germany.


The Elektronik editorial team pre-selected 111 products in 10 different categories for the vote. This year Seoul Semicondutor’s flash LED was selected as the best product in the Opto-electronics category.


This is the second time Seoul’s products have received this award. The first was for Acriche, the AC-driven semiconductor lighting source, awarded as ‘Product of the Year for 2006’.  


Seoul Semiconductor’s flash LED, FC W211Z, features super bright and ultra-mini size. It is expected to replace xenon lamps. It can operate at a high current of two Amp, and emits up to 100 candelas. It also enables the shooting of continuous images without the need of recharging the battery.


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