Elliot Scientitic to distribute Spectral Optics range in UK

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Elliot Scientific is distributing laser optics from US manufacturer Spectral Optics, including its range of laser mirros and waveplates. Many items will be held in stock for next day delivery to UK researchers.

Standard optics not held in stock, such as common value lenses and windows can be delivered within a short timeframe, while other components can be manufactured and delivered to order. Requirements for special compound components, such as precision R/T beam splitters, waveplates and unusual mirror configurations can also be met.

Using its Molecular Fusion bonding process, Spectral Optics offers zero-order waveplates through Elliot Scientific at prices comparable to an ordinary multiple-order waveplate. Zero-order waveplates are far superior in temperature stability and wavelength tolerance, but have traditionally been more expensive than multiple-order components. Using the new fabrication process, Spectral Optics zero-order parts cost far less than equivalents from competitors.

Elliot Scientific will also be making Spectral Optics full line of standard size mirrors that cover all common applications available, along with a range of special designs for harmonic separation, narrow-band reflection and pulsed systems.