EPIC report reveals 'terrific' photonics market for Europe

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EPIC, the European Photonics Industry Consortium, has published a public database of more than 5,000 company entries, an interactive map, and a report on the photonics ecosystem in Europe.

With the support and contribution of numerous associations, clusters, event organisers, media organisations, and all the individuals who contributed to the survey, EPIC compiled a database of companies active in the field of Photonics.

The database lists companies that manufacture photonic related equipment/materials/components/systems or extensively use photonic components, or provide services to the European photonics ecosystem.

The European photonics companies are segmented by the type of systems they provide:

  • Sensing: 27 per cent;
  • Imaging: 17 per cent;
  • Transmitting information: 11 per cent;
  • Information storage and display: 5 per cent;
  • Providing light: 19 per cent;
  • Providing energy: 6 per cent; and
  • Processing: 15 per cent.

'One of the nice surprises of the study is the breakdown of final markets with a fairly uniform distribution, the photonics industry in Europe clearly tends to diversify,' says Carlos Lee, director general at EPIC. 'The photonics market is terrific for Europe. Photonics companies purchase and manufacture mainly in Europe, and sell mainly outside Europe.'