European network to spread laser micro-manufacturing knowhow

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A European laser micro-manufacturing project that aims to improve production quality, reduce process costs and transfer knowledge to small and medium sized enterprises has begun.

European research centres and universities started in May to create a network of expertise in laser micro-manufacturing for SMEs in North West Europe, under the European Union funded ECO-efficient LASER technology for FACTories of the future (ECO-LASERFACT).

The research centres and universities involved are Belgium’s Multitel, Sirris, the Wallonia Photonic Cluster, Vito, KIT, Irépa Laser, the European Photonics Industry Consortium, the University of Cardiff and the University of Birmingham.

The SMEs will be able to gain experience in micro-fabrication for their specific business requirements. The project is following the EU strategy that aims to increase the use of technology in manufacturing in order to help European manufacturers to adapt to global competitive pressures.