Evatec and LayTec sign agreement

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LayTec has signed a strategic OEM agreement with Evatec, a supplier of thin film deposition systems to semiconductor and optics.

LayTec will equip Evatec with in-situ metrology tools for versatile process control. Evatec’s evaporation, sputter and PECVD systems find their applications in the MEMs, optoelectronics, precision optics as well as semiconductor markets.

The OEM partnership enables an ongoing close cooperation for the integration of in-situ metrology in Evatec’s reactors. LayTec’s metrology tool EpiCurve TT is already applied on Evatec sputter systems for stress management of metal multi-layers for opto-electronics.

Evatec’s senior process engineer Silvia Schwyn Thöny said: 'With LayTec’s state-of-the-art in-situ metrology, we are able to meet the growing demands on precise process control and optimisation, which is the key to high yields and low costs.'

'For LayTec, an OEM cooperation with Evatec is of strategic importance,' added LayTec‘s CEO Thomas Zettler. 'It will enable implementation of our metrology into processes beyond LayTec’s established applications. And when Swiss precision meets German quality standards, the expectations can never be too high.'