Fraunhofer launches new opto-electronics focused institute

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Opto-electronics will be one of the research areas for the new Fraunhofer Research Institution, Center for Organic Materials and Electronic Devices Dresden (COMEDD).

The Fraunhofer COMEDD has been founded as an independent research institution of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft to transfer the results of research and development in the field of organic materials and systems into production. The institution combines research and development works for the production, integration and technology of organic devices.

‘Fraunhofer COMEDD is a central part of Europe's leading cluster for organic electronic, Organic Electronics Saxony (OES), with more than 1.000 employees,’ said Professor Karl Leo, director of the new institute. ‘It is an important milestone to move forward in research and development in the field of organic electronics. For instance we see a large demand for OLED microdisplays at the moment pointing out a new world of applications.’

The microdisplays could be used for interactive data eye-glasses. As well as microdisplays, there is also interest in organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) as area lighting elements, as is there in organic solar cells as mobile energy sources.