Gentec acquires Spectrum Detector

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Canadian laser-beam measurement specialist, Gentec Electro-Optics, has acquired Spectrum Detector, the manufacturer of laser and terahertz measurement equipment, based in Oregon, USA. According to Gentec EO, the acquisition will expand its product offering to untapped markets.

'Spectrum Detector's products are so remarkably complementary to ours that the decision to acquire the company was simple to make, and both sides are very excited to work together,' said Michel Giroux, president and CEO of Gentec Electro-Optics.

'Classic laser measurement products were already out there, so when we founded Spectrum Detector, we decided to aim wider, and pursue applications that were ignored by others,' said Don Dooley, president and founder of Spectrum Detector. So the company developed a line of sensors and instruments for laser and terahertz measurement, as shown by the company's having provided NIST with many custom instruments used as optical calibration transfer standards.

With the addition of Spectrum Detector products, Gentec Electro-Optics will now have measurement solutions for the new and rapidly expanding THz market, ultra-sensitive optical Joulemeters for applications down to femtojoules, instruments for pulse to pulse energy measurements up to 130kHz and optical TRAP detectors that act as primary calibration standards.

Don Dooley, who has been in the laser measurement business for more than 30 years, started Spectrum Detector in 2006, with his longtime friend and business partner Mark Stout. 'My team and I have more than 60 years combined experience in pyroelectric detectors, optical instrumentation, laser power and energy measurement products and NIST traceable optical calibration,' said Dooley.

With the acquisition, a new entity has been formed: Gentec-EO USA, which employs all the former Spectrum Detector employees, with Dooley as general manager.