Imagine Optic outperforms expectations

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Imagine Optic, the manufacturer of Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensors, has reported higher-than-expected sales via its US subsidiaries Imagine Optic Inc and Axiom Optics. Both created in December 2009, the companies outperformed expectations with orders totalling more than $800K in their first year of operations.

'Our US subsidiaries that were launched at the end of 2009 have made remarkable progress in the North American market,' said Samuel Bucourt, Imagine Optic’s CEO. 'Founding Imagine Optic, Inc has enabled us to strengthen our ties with existing US customers and develop new relationships on numerous high-profile projects. Axiom Optics, a division of Imagine Optic Inc, has shown tremendous potential by developing solutions that blend our products with those offered by other suppliers of high-quality components to satisfy its growing list of customers.'

Sister company Imagine Eyes, which specialises in adaptive-optics ophthalmic instrumentation, also reported a record 2010. With sales topping 1.2M€ ($US1.6M) and orders at nearly 1.3M€ ($US1.75M), the company’s sales grew more than 35 per cent in 2010.