JDSU acquires Circadiant to up SFP+ and 10 GigE tech

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JDSU has acquired Circadiant, a company specialising in SFP+, 10 GigE and other stressed signal test solutions.  

Circadiant expands JDSU's product portfolio for the lab and production test market by brings a number of features to the company DO, including Circadiant's Hydra and OST product platforms, established test expertise and close customer relationships with leading network equipment manufacturers, optical module vendors and semiconductor companies. Circadiant, in turn, will benefit from JDSU's optical transport product development capabilities and global distribution channels.

The SFP+ transceiver is specified by a multi-source agreement (MSA) between manufacturers and allows greater port density (the number of transceivers per inch along the edge of a mother board) than other transceiver configurations. SFP+ is emerging as the 10 GigE optical interface of choice because it enables lower cost and even higher port density network interface cards. To achieve this, developers and manufactures are faced with new compliance and performance test challenges that are addressed by Circadiant’s products and systems. 

Circadiant standards-based test solutions include the Hydra platform, which is a 10 GigE Long Reach Multimode (LRM) and 10 GigE SFP+ test system, and the OST platform for testing optical components, modules and systems using real-world conditions.