Kaiser Optical sold to Endress and Hauser

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Rockwell Collins has agreed to sell its subsidiary, Kaiser Optical Systems, a specialist in spectrographic instrumentation and applied holographic technology, to Endress and Hauser.

'This divestiture is part of an overall strategy to accelerate our focus on growth opportunities in our addressed markets,' said Rockwell Collins chief executive officer and president Kelly Ortberg. 'Kaiser Optical also benefits by joining an organisation that concentrates on the primary industries it serves.'

Kaiser Optical Systems, located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, became a Rockwell Collins company in 2000 as part of the company’s purchase of K Systems, Inc., the parent company of Kaiser Aerospace and Electronics.

Principal products include Raman sensors and instrumentation, advanced holographic components for spectroscopy, telecommunications, astronomy and ultra-fast sciences, and components for aircraft display systems. These products and services are deployed in diverse applications that include defence, pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturing, nanotechnology, telecommunications and education.

'With the acquisition of Kaiser Optical Systems, we are expanding our range in the field of advanced analytics for liquids, gases and solids. In addition, we are strengthening our optical technology and manufacturing competence,' said Endress and Hauser CEO, Klaus Endress, who emphasised the strategic dimension of the acquisition. 'The Raman technology enlarges our offering for customers in core industries.'