Lasershape invests £3 million in new facility and laser systems

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Laser cutting subcontractor, Nottingham-based Lasershape, has relocated to larger premises as part of a £3 million investment that has included the installation of new laser systems.

Previously at Beeston, about three miles from its new site at Brailsford Way in nearby Chilwell, Lasershape had reached maximum capacity. The new site has twice the floor area at 38,000 square feet of Lasershape’s existing factory. It also offered the potential to install an on-site electricity sub-station that would provide enough power for future company growth by a factor of four.

‘We had no more space for new machines, no room for additional employees. The car park was full and twice we had melted the cable in the road because we were drawing too much power,’ explains Lasershape’s director, Tim Leam. ‘It was far from satisfactory and we knew relocation was the only way forward.’

Lasershape’s new machinery includes four Trumpf TruLaser profiling centres, two fibre and two CO2 models. Over a three-month period, the company completed its transition and is now fully operational under the one roof at Chilwell.