Michelson Diagnostics expands customer base

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Michelson Diagnostics (MDL) is broadening the commercial application of its multibeam Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) technology into markets outside its core target of cancer diagnosis.

These include areas such as industrial metrology, product inspection, tissue engineering and developmental biology.

'We are reacting to customers who have realised that the superior image definition provided by our multi-beam OCT technology is very advantageous in their applications,' said MDL CEO Jon Holmes. 'For a given depth of focus, you get twice the resolution, (or, for a given resolution, four times the focal depth), compared with single beam OCT systems – which means crisper, clearer images.'

He cited applications such as MEMS metrology, inspection of ceramic composite materials and industrial coatings, fine art conservation, gemstone quality, stem cell research and dentistry as examples.

The company currently markets the EX1301 OCT microscope, an OCT product with <10μm lateral resolution, by virtue of its multi-beam optical design.