New deep-UV metrology lab for Alpine Research Optics

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Alpine Research Optics has launched a new metrology lab dedicated performing tests in the deep-UV range of the spectrum.

The centerpiece of ARO’s new facility is a Coherent LPX 200 ArF excimer laser, which enables a variety of tests to be performed at 193nm. These include transmittance, reflectance and absorption measurements on fused silica, magnesium fluoride (MgF2) and calcium fluoride (CaF2) components and materials, as well as laser damage testing over a range of pulse energies and operating conditions.

‘The expanded testing capability allows us to continue the evolution and improvement of 193nm coatings to support microlithography and Lasik,’ said ARO’s David Collier. ‘This is an initial step in the expansion of resources as a result of the recent acquisition of ARO by Saint-Gobain.’