New partnership between AMS Technologies and LightComm Technology

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AMS Technologies has partnered with Chinese company LightComm Technology to be its new supplier. LightComm Technology specialises in optical components and provides standard and featured components for EDFA and mini EDFA applications.

Dr Thomas Moritz, business line manager at AMS Technologies, commented: ‘This new cooperation with LightComm Technology opens up some interesting possibilities for our European customers offering first choice of fibre optic solutions.’

LightComm provides solutions based on Fused Fiber Couplers, PLC, CWDM/DWDM Filters, EDFA, Pump Combiners, Isolators, PM Fiber Components, Connectors and Integrated Modules technologies. The company has developed a series of mini size fused fibre couplers, special PM fibre components including fused PM fibre couplers and filter-based PM fibre components, multimode fibre pump combiners, as well as high power YEDFA, high power isolators.

Furthermore, the company provides couplers, splitter modules, Mux/Demux, and connectors used in PON systems and different types of special couplers and Farady Rotator for Fiber Sensor Systems. Lightcomm have also developed 3 x 1, 4 x 1, 7 x 1, (2+1) x 1, (6+1) x1 combiners, which are used in fibre lasers, high power EDFAs, fibre sensor systems, and medical instruments.