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Photonics West 2022: Tech launches and news

This year the Photonics West conference and exhibition takes place from 22-27 January 2022.

Whether you are attending the show or just want an update on the latest developments, technological and product announcements, and industry news - watch this space. 






Technology announcements

Here is a roundup of the latest technology announcements and products released during Photonics West 2022. For a full list of product announcements released at the show follow this link.

Commercialising quantum 

At this year's Photonics West conference there have been several quantum photonics product announcements that highlight the progress this sector has made with a continued drive towards commercialising quantum photonics technologies. 

Aurea Technology has announced that it is showcasing a variety of quantum photonics components. With more than 10 years of experience in quantum optics, Aurea Technology offers a complete suite of high-performance optical modules and instruments for Quantum Communications, Quantum-safe Security, and Quantum Sensing. The comprehensive suite of the high-performance optical building blocks from Aurea Technology includes Single Photon Counting modules and instruments, an entangled photon source, and a time-correlation module.

Nanoscribe, is debuting the Quantum X align, a new high-performance 3D printer at booth 3114. The Quantum X align is the first 3D printer with 3D alignment capabilities that enables the printing of freeform microoptical elements directly onto optical fibres and photonic chips, as the company aims to set new standards in the design and fabrication of microoptical elements.

The Quantum X align provides robust and reliable alignment solutions to enable the creation of efficient light couplers via Free Space Microoptical Coupling (FSMOC) between chips and optical fibres. The novel device opens up new horizons for imaging technologies using fibre and beam shaping applications, especially for hybrid packaging of photonic chips. The microfabrication system extends the capabilities of the Quantum X platform, allowing for a more straightforward process chain, relaxed assembly tolerances, and a reduction in the costly and time-consuming active alignment and a further reduction of devices dimensions.

Toptica will display their latest laser systems for scientific and industrial applications at booth #1227. The company is presenting several products at this year’s live event including lasers for quantum applications.

The FALC pro is the latest locking module from Toptica. Its high-speed regulator addresses even the most demanding applications, including laser driving ultra-narrow transitions utilised in optical clocks (clock transitions) or quantum computers (optical qubits). This regulator is combined with a convenient user interface, which optimises the feedback parameters. The digital control interface of the analogue regulator also enables full remote operation.

Toptica has also announced 19” laser rack systems for Quantum Technology 2.0 Applications. Multiple product groups of tunable diode lasers and frequency combs are all offered in the new form factor. Laser wavelengths are available in the range from 330 nm to 1770 nm, some with output powers of several Watts. Whatever the application requires, Toptica is committed to finding the optimum combination of modular systems.

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'World’s smallest' projection display with MEMS mirror demoed: TriLite, a former SPIE Start-up Challenge finalist, is presenting the 'world's smallest' laser beam scanner at Photonics West this week

Trumpf and Metalenz VCSEL simplifies optics for phones: Launched at Photonics West, the VCSEL with stable linear polarisation and meta-optics uses only two components to create both flood and structured light illumination.

Laser Components is expanding its portfolio of UV LEDs with products from the South Korean manufacturer Photon Wave. Founded in 2016, the company specialises in the production of UVB and UVC LED chips with and without SMD housings. One particular focus includes both medical applications and solutions for sterilising air, water, and surfaces. Through research and development, Photon Wave aims to play a decisive role in shaping the deep UV industry. Their focus is on applications for air, water, and surface sterilisation. The technology used enables UVC LEDs with higher efficiencies and longer lifetimes in the 250nm to 315nm wavelength range. This is used for a large active area and a uniform current spreading design (patented) that allows high injection current operation. This is processed for an optimum geometry shown to have excellent emission power.

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Frankfurt Laser Company (FLC) has announced a new series of 1535nm Ebrium glass lasers with pulse energies between 40µJ to 400µJ and peak powers between 10kW and 80kW. These new ‘eye-safe’ lasers have been designed by FLC to be the optimal laser source for applications like laser range-finding, laser imaging and surveying equipment.

Heidelberg Instruments is presenting the new two-photon polymerisation MPO 100, a multi-user tool that combines both the requirements of 3D lithography with resolutions in the 100 nm range and 3D microprinting with structure heights of over one centimetre, all in one device.

The MPO 100 works with a laser wavelength in the green spectral range, which is ideally suited for the 3D structuring of typical photoresists. Furthermore, MPO 100 is optimised to use the hybrid polymers (ORMOCERs). Application-specific writing modes enable customer-specific printing requirements and distinguish the MPO 100 as a multi-user tool.

Laser manufacturer Luxinar is showcasing products from its ranges of CO2 and femtosecond laser sources on booth #5101. Luxinar has launched the OEM 100iX sealed CO2 laser source for industrial processing applications. 

The laser source provides higher speeds and increased productivity for processes such as high-volume cutting, kiss cutting, scoring, multi-ply cutting and die board cutting for the packaging, automotive and textile industries. 

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