Schott expands coating facilities in US and Switzerland

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Schott has expanded its US manufacturing facility and set up a new sputtering machine at its Swiss facility. In Duryea, Pennsylvania the company manufactures ready-to-use optical components and glass filters of up to 457mm in diameter with anti-reflective (AR) and highly reflective (HR) coatings. In addition, the new magnetron-sputtering machine in Yverdon, Switzerland will allow for the production of high performance band pass and notch filters, as well as ultra hard anti-reflex coatings.

In Duryea, Schott invested $2m into the expansion of its coating capacities. The new US line adds to the company’s coating capabilities in Malaysia and in Switzerland. Using e-beam and ion-assisted e-beam evaporation technologies, coated components from the US meet the reflection and environmental specifications set by the International Organisation for Standardization (ISO) and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

The company's expansion of its Yverdon included a new magnetron-sputtering machine for components of up to 200mm in diameter and 60mm in thickness, such as extreme narrow band pass filters, steep edge filters or so-called notch filters (i.e. triple notch). These filters are employed in fluorescence microscopy or Raman spectroscopy, for instance. In addition, the combination of hard (anti-scratch) coatings and broad band AR coatings can be applied. With more than 17 different coating machines in Yverdon, Schott is able to manufacture products that meet the most special and demanding requirements.