Telecom packaging for solid-state laser

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TeraXion has been selected by JDSU to supply telecom-grade FBG filters for its new commercial 488nm solid-state laser.

The 488 nm solid-state blue laser developed by JDSU targets applications in biotechnology, semiconductor and general instrumentation. The fibre-based architecture consists of a semiconductor pump laser emitting at 976nm that uses a narrow band FBG as its output coupler. This telecom-grade FBG filter developed and produced by TeraXion, is also used to accurately stabilise the frequency of the laser. Frequency conversion at 488nm is then achieved by using a fibre-pigtailed periodically-poled lithium niobate waveguide.

'This is the first time a commercial visible-wavelength solid-state laser benefits from reliable telecom packaging technology and we are proud that TeraXion’s FBG filter is included in this design,' added Len Marabella, Director of Marketing for Commercial Lasers at JDSU.