SPIE signs agreement with Japanese photonics centre

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The Photonics Advanced Research Center (PARC) at Osaka University and SPIE have signed an agreement to cooperate more closely in fostering information exchange and other activities to help advance photonics research.

The Memorandum of Understanding was signed by Satoshi Kawata, director of PARC, and Kevin Harding, SPIE president, in Osaka earlier this month.

Under the agreement, PARC and SPIE will exchange information about activities such as technical conferences, educational and professional development programs, publications, scholarships, and grants, and will communicate about trends in the field and other issues. The agreement will enable increased participation and visibility of members, faculty, and students in networking opportunities, educational collaborations, Visiting Lecturer exchanges, and other programs. 

‘SPIE is very pleased to have the opportunity to work more closely with the Photonics Advanced Research Center at Osaka University in meeting our shared goals of furthering interdisciplinary research in optics, photonics, and nanotechnology, and of translating academic knowledge into technological innovation,’ Harding said. ‘Osaka University is among the world’s most highly respected research centers, and SPIE is very enthusiastic about the possibilities for increased sharing of information and for expanded educational partnerships that are enabled by this collaboration.’

PARC’s focus is on research enabling technology innovation in biotechnology, communications, security, environmental health, energy conservation, and other areas.