Sydor Optics expands capacity

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Sydor Optics, a manufacturer of flat glass optics, has just completed the first half of its acquisition of $4m worth of double-sided polishing and metrology equipment as part of the second half of its expansion programme, which will be completed in six months' time. The company believes that this investment will allow it to continue its growth while handling its customers’ increasing volume and size demands.

James Sydor, president of Sydor Optics, credits the company's growth to its willingness to take risks for its customers by modernising its equipment to meet the changing needs created by innovation in industries such as entertainment, defence and life sciences. 'Although I think we’ve been lucky we’d like to think it’s because we strive to be in step with our customers. Our products are used daily in products for the military such as heads-up displays and laser protection filters to components in the latest technologies of DNA sequencing to optics used in the production of the latest movies. We tend to stick with our speciality of processing parallel optics using double-sided equipment because it yields exceptional parallelism and transmitted wavefronts.'

Sydor Optics can now double-side grind and polish optics up to 740mm in diameter. In the UK, Sydor Optics is represented by Armstrong Optical.