Telops wins China contract

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Hyperspectral imaging systems  provider Telops has been awarded a contract for a leak detection and identification system by Sinopec Group, which is located in Beijing, China.

The contract includes the delivery of a leak detection and identification system based on Telops Hyper-Cam, Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy hyperspectral imaging instrument. This agreement with the Sinopec Group, for an undisclosed amount, will see Telops’ Hyper-Cam assist Sinopec’s capability for real-time detection and identification of chemical leaks or fugitive emissions of chemicals that are harmful to the environment. Such real-time gas imaging will ensure that chemicals will be detected and identified promptly.

‘We are thrilled to assist Sinopec in their efforts of ensuring adequate safety and security of the personnel, minimizing the impact on the air quality of the environment,’ said Jean Giroux, CEO at Telops.

The Telops leak detection and identification system will monitor simultaneously several gases including specific aromatic compounds such as benzene, toluene and xylenes, and smelling compounds, such as ammonia and sulphur dioxide.