LightPath Technologies sees growth of aspheric markets

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LightPath Technologies has announced that it is seeing increasing demand in the strategic market of moulded aspheric lenses for consumer and industrial laser tools. Current open orders for these products are valued by the company at more than $1.8m, with 25 per cent growth anticipated in the near future. After a year of volume production shipments to multiple OEM manufacturers, the acceptance of moulded aspheres as a replacement for spherical doublets and triplets has surpassed LightPath’s initial expectations. The company states that its moulded aspheric lenses are being adopted because they provide a cost savings and are easier to assemble over traditional high volume spherical doublet and triplet lenses without sacrificing performance.

Jim Gaynor, the CEO of LightPath Technologies, commented: 'The success of our laser tool line of aspheric lenses is a demonstration of our capabilities in providing a low cost platform for the manufacture of high precision glass molded aspheric lenses. We are currently providing lenses to four major OEM producers and several smaller manufacturers and have been qualified by a fifth major OEM. We anticipate continued growth in this multi-million dollar market segment going forward and continued production increases over the next several quarters.'