Thorlabs announces fourth acquisition of 2019

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Thorlabs has acquired the fibre laser assets from KMLabs, which represents Thorlabs' fourth purchase this year.

In May, the company announced it was buying Columbia-based Cirtemoallowing it to add two 'unique' technologies to its portfolio, including: multivariate optical elements (MOEs) for spectroscopic chemical analysis, and nanopatterning tools known as MagAssemble, which are used to 3D print photolithography masks using nanoparticles. 

In August, Thorlabs announced the acquisition of spectroscopy company, Coda Devices, which is based in California. And, in October, it announced the purchase of US-based Operations Technology (Optek), a manufacturer of large-format, granite-based video and x-ray dimensional measurement systems.

For its latest acquisition, Thorlabs has acquired KMLabs' Y-Fi portfolio, a series of high average power, high repetition rate NIR/MIR ultrafast fibre lasersOPAs, and NOPAs. Based on a patented fibre amplification technique, KMLabs’ ytterbium fibre lasers provide short pulse durations at the microjoule level. The various models in the Y-Fi laser series are employed in a multitude of demanding ultrafast applications, including 2- and 3-photon imaging, ophthalmology, and time resolved studies in the NIR and MIR.

'I’m thrilled to add a highly talented, Boulder-based team to the Thorlabs family. The proximity to CU Boulder, JILA, and NIST provides excellent opportunities to work with these premier research institutions. Among the many applications supported by the Y-Fi lasers, the addition of the Y-Fi OPA laser allows Thorlabs to pair it with our Bergamo microscopes to offer complete 3-photon imaging solutions,' said Dr. Peter Fendel, director of Thorlabs’ Laser Division. 

'We view this as a truly great synergy between two companies. The Y-Fi laser family is unique and powerful in its ability to deliver the highest peak power in the MHz class while also being designed for ease of use and ruggedness. This is a perfect match with Thorlabs’ microscope portfolio and its laser and optics customer base,' added Dr Kevin Fahey, CEO of KMLabs.

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