Trumpf gives graphic illustration of laser power

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Superstar Components has installed a laser marking machine to create high-quality logos and graphics for its bicycle parts, cutting unit costs for marking by several orders of magnitude.

Until recently, Superstar Components bought parts from factories around the world, typically Taiwan, retailing them direct to customers to save on costs. However, as company director Neil Wilkinson explains, times have changed.

'With growing demand the Far East has experienced rising prices and slower deliveries,' he said. 'In combination with a lack of control over quality, we decided it was time to go in a different direction. We assessed the situation and considered that if we were using the same materials and similar machines, we could make aftermarket bicycle parts for the same cost as the Far East.'

Having sourced a dual-spindle turning centre and a 3/4-axis machining centre, Superstar Components set about selecting a laser marking machine. The company bought a Trumpf TruMark machine.

'If you’re having parts made in the Far East it’s sometimes difficult to attain a finish that reflects high end products,' said Wilkinson. 'High definition, good quality graphics make an enormous difference to the customer perception of any product. It looks professional and it adds value.'

'We also researched a cheaper model supplied by a Trumpf competitor, but the quality was truly awful. The difference in performance and quality with the Trumpf TruMark is extremely evident for anyone to see – and worth every penny.'