UK laser job shop buys new machine despite banks

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One-year-old subcontract laser cutting service, Leeds Laser Cutting, is expanding with a flatbed CNC laser, as it increases capacity to meet the demand of its 90 customers.

Started in 2012 by machine tool workshop veteran Mike Briggs, he focused his business on customer support with features such as electronic updates about order progression. He has about 90 customers with an average order value of £500. The company is serving sectors that include signage, yellow goods, automotive, architectural and retail with parts made from mild steel up to 25mm thick, 20mm stainless steel and 12mm aluminium.

‘We wanted a laser cutting system that would enable us to cut thick gauge materials quickly,’ said Briggs. ‘We looked at a few systems but in all honesty we simply opted for the best machine. Once we had decided, the next step was funding.’

However, Briggs was unable to raise the funds for the CNC laser from banks. Instead he was provided a loan from his laser provider, Trumpf. The company’s financial services arm helped fund the purchase of a TruLaser 3030 flatbed CNC laser for Briggs. He said, ‘it won’t be long before we have paid off more than we owe on the Trumpf 3030. As a result, we can start looking at a 4 metre laser cutter, probably a Trumpf again.’