UK laser job shop ups laser cutting capacity with 6kW system

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UK laser job shop, SSC Laser, has invested in a 6kW flat bed laser, which, according to Andy Evans, sales director at the company, will increase the job shop’s capacity by more than 100 hours per month.

SSC Laser posted record sales of £7.3 million in the 2012/2013 financial year, meaning it was able to invest in the Bystronic ByAutonom laser system.

Evans commented that the greater capacity at the job shop is down to the increased cutting speeds of the laser system and the fact that the machine operates across all materials.

‘We already operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week; however, the company is so busy we need to invest in machinery that will produce laser cut components quicker,’ he said. ‘In particular, the ByAutonom 6kW comes into its own on thicker materials. This means, in addition to our existing range of laser cutting capabilities, SSC Laser will now be in a position to cut up to 25mm in mild steel, 20mm in stainless steel and 15mm in aluminium.’

With manufacturing operations in Stafford and Derby and sales divisions in Sunderland, Slough, Motherwell and Bristol, the company is currently planning to open a third manufacturing site in 2014.