1000WP-BB-34 high power water cooled thermal sensor

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Ophir Photonics, global leader in precision laser measurement equipment and a Newport Corporation brand, has announced the 1000WP-BB-34 High Power Water Cooled Thermal Sensor, part of the company's line of high damage threshold laser power sensors. The 1000WP-BB-34 is a new design based on the 1000W-BB-34 sensor. In the new version, all materials that come in contact with the cooling water are either copper or nonmetallic. This eliminates the possibility of contaminating the water or corroding the sensor, improving the accuracy and reliability of the measurements.

The 1000WP-BB-34 sensor features a 34mm aperture and a wide dynamic range, measuring powers from 5W to 1000W and energy from 400mJ to 300J. The broadband absorbers can measure a spectral range from 190nm to 20μm. The sensor provides a damage threshold of 6kW/cm² at full power and a 2.5s response time that is faster than all competitive models.

All Ophir thermal sensors feature a "Smart Connector" interface that operates with the company's StarLite, Nova II, and Vega smart displays, and Juno PC interface. The display is automatically configured and calibrated when plugged into one of the company’s laser measurement heads.