1470nm fibre coupled module

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Dilas has expanded its  family of conduction-cooled, fibre-coupled modules by introducing the new high brightness 1470nm, single wavelength, fibre-coupled module that produces up to 80W of CW energy from a very compact package.

This high-brightness, compact, cost-effective packaging design results in power levels of 12W, 40W and 80W, based on a single bar or multi-bar fiber coupled diode laser modules.  It is an ideal tool for various applications in the aviation, medical and material processing markets. 

The module provides efficient fibre coupling with a numerical aperture of 0.22.  Its sealed housing protects against contamination and mechanical damage.  In addition, the module is equipped with a second user exchangeable window for use in rugged harsh environments or in conjunction with disposable fibres in the medical market. The multi-bar, fibre-coupled series comes with an integrated pilot beam, power meter and temperature sensors.  In addition, optional fibre detection sensors are available. The fibre coupled module is also available in wavelength of 808nm, 810nm, 915nm, 940nm and 980nm.