1GHz Ti:sapphire fs-laser

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Gigaoptics has introduced a new hands-off 1GHz repetition rate Ti:sapphire fs-laser with integrated pump laser, making space consuming beam-steering optics and an external pump source obsolete. TACCOR offers turn-key operation and excellent passive stability of output power, centre wavelength and pulse repetition rate. The uniquely high pulse repetition rate leads to reduced peak intensities - as compared to conventional Ti:sapphire systems at similar average output power levels - allowing for a substantial decrease in bleaching and photo-damage in non-linear microscopy applications.

Features include short pulses (50fs), high average output power (up to 950mW), centre wavelengths ranging from 750nm to 940nm (fixed), and excellent beam quality (near TEM, M<1.2). Optical alignment or maintenance is not required.