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2008 Ophir-Spiricon Laser Measurement Catalogue

Ophir-Spiricon has released its 2008 Catalogue of advanced laser measurement and beam diagnostics equipment for medical, industrial and scientific research applications. 

The catalogue offers one-stop shopping for all laser measurement and analysis needs, from wireless thermal, pyroelectric, and photodiode detectors to portable beam profilers with FireWire and USB cameras.  

The 2008 catalogue features in-depth technical articles on laser power and energy meters, as well as information about the company's newest products, such as the Vega Handheld Display with backlit navigation and colour screen, and Quasar, the industry's first wireless Bluetooth interface that broadcasts laser data from the detector to any PC or laptop within 10m.

The 2008 Ophir-Spiricon Laser Measurement Catalogue covers Ophir-Spiricon's entire range of measurement products, organised into four categories: Heads: including the popular PD300 Series smart heads; Displays: including the Nova II, Orion, and new Vega handhelds, Beam Profiling: including the world famous Laser Beam Analysis profilers and OEM Products: the principal products used in medical and industrial laser systems.

The 2008 Catalogue also features a series of tutorials on laser power and energy measurement and beam profiling. Topics covered include principles for operating thermal surface absorbing heads, photodiode heads, pyroelectric sensors, and integrating spheres, as well as aligning laser beams, tuning laser amplifiers, and improving the accuracy of measurements.


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