Vega handheld laser meter

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Ophir-Spiricon has launched Vega, a handheld laser meter with a colour display for laser beam measurement.

Available with digital or analogue needle display, Vega offers an illuminated display screen with backlit navigation buttons that are easy to use under all lighting conditions.  

The 320x240 colour display with large, 16mm digits provides legibility and eases eye strain. The screen also assists operators with identifying trends or warning signals; colours can be optimised for use with laser protection glasses.

Vega is compatible with all Ophir thermopile, photodiode, and pyroelectric smart heads. Its compact design includes rubberized bumpers and a stable kickstand.  

The system enables operators to log every point at up to 4,000Hz with pyro heads, and includes non-volatile data storage of up to 200,000 points. The user interface includes a laser tuning screen and power and energy log, with USB and RS232 output to the user's choice of statistics packages on a personal computer. New software features include power or energy density units, min/max limits, graphing, attenuation scaling, and more.