3A-P-THz THz Power/Energy Sensor

Ophir Photonics has introduced the 3A-P-THz THz Power/Energy Sensor, designed to measure THz light sources from very low power to very high power, up to 3W, 30x the power levels of competing products. In addition, it is the only power/energy sensor on the market that is traceable to standard laboratory calibration. A standard sensor head, the 3A-P-THz is less expensive than traditional systems and is compatible with all Ophir meters and PC interfaces.

The 3A-P-THz measures short pulse or CW lasers in the 0.1 to 10THz wavelength range. The sensor's p-type absorber provides a larger aperture and flatter spectral response than most similar devices, maximising performance across the entire spectral range. Optical power can be measured from 60µW to 3W, and energy from 20µJ to 2J.

The 3A-P-THz power/energy sensor works with all Ophir smart displays or PC interfaces, including the Orion PE, Nova, Nova II, Vega, LaserStar, USBI, Pulsar, and Quasar. Each display features a 'Smart Connector' interface that automatically configures and calibrates the display when plugged into one of the company's measurement heads.