5000B-500 solid-state source driver/controller

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Innovations in Optics has introduced the 5000B-500 solid-state source driver/controller to independently drive, control and modulate up to 20 different solid-state sources, including combinations of LEDs, LDs and IR VCSEL arrays. The 5000B-500 is powered from a universal VAC input and features both USB and Ethernet interfaces to control the intensity, pulse width and duty cycle of each solid-state source.

The ground-based design can be configured for a common anode, common cathode or combinations of both to work with all types of P-Up and P-Down LED or LD devices. The 5000B-500 provides constant current control up to 4A per source channel to achieve optimal performance. Any given number of similar channels can be paralleled together, making this a flexible source capable of delivering between 4A to 80A drive current to a single solid-state source.

The Model 5000B-500 is intended for technical and industrial applications such as LED lighting for machine vision, CCTV security and surveillance, and number plate recognition for traffic enforcement or parking management.

The 5000B-500 driver/controller provides constant current in continuous or pulsed modes and features pulse width modulation (PWM) dimming. Pulse widths on the order of 1µsec are achievable with short lead lengths. Drive current is selectable from 0A to 4A per channel in 10mA steps up to a maximum 5.5V compliance voltage.

The 5000B-500 system additionally includes the ability to monitor a temperature sensor that is installed on a solid-state source module, and a photosensor input for monitoring light output from specific illuminator designs. A 24VDC output supports operation of cooling fans mounted to a solid-state illuminator.