795nm DFB laser

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Eagleyard’s 795nm DFB laser is the latest addition to its product portfolio. Next to the 780nm DFB lasers and the gain chips for extended cavity setups, the new laser enlarges the choice for Rubidium spectroscopy and related applications such as optically pumped atomic clocks.

The 14-pin butterfly package adds ready-to-use single-frequency-emission features by comprising a thermoelectric cooler and thermistor, enabling precise wavelength tuning. The package is designed to provide electrical input as well as optical output in the same layer, and enables the convenient use of standard peripheral equipment such as mounts and drivers.

The choice of a DFB design instead of a similar DBR structure guarantees a broader smooth tuning range around the operational point without the risk of experiencing spectral issues known as mode-hops, as these are given by design of a DBR diode, making the latter less suitable for the needs of atom spectroscopy.