808nm single emitter

Bookham has expanded its portfolio of 808nm single emitter products with the launch of a module that delivers a minimum of 6W from a 200µm core fibre, with very good reliability. The new module is designed to provide the power and reliability required for all solid-state and direct diode laser systems, particularly Nd:YAG pumping and medical, analytical and printing applications.

The new product is built on the existing Bookham platform for single emitter fibre laser pump modules, enabling high volume, cost-effective manufacturing. Devices are available as a chip-on-submount or chip-on-C-Mount. The 808nm single emitter chip can also be integrated into the multi-emitter package to achieve further increased power output levels.

The RoHS compliant module is hermetically sealed and incorporates a floating anode and cathode. It includes a multimode laser diode chip with E2 front mirror passivation to prevent catastrophic optical damage (COD) to the laser diode facet, even at very high power levels. The coupling process allows for high output powers that are very stable with respect to both time and temperature.