888nm UltraT fibre-coupled modules

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AMS Technologies has launched a family of 888nm laser modules manufactured by QPC Lasers.

QPC offers a complete family of 888nm laser modules starting with the Ultra-50 laser with an output power ranging from 35W to 50W, followed by the Ultra-100 with an output power ranging from 85W to 100W and topped by the Ultra-500 with an outstanding output power from 110W to more than 250W. The power is delivered by 200µm or 400µm core fibres (0.22NA) with a high power SMA connector at the end.

Pumping Nd:Vanadate at 888nm leverages low and isotropic absorption, with equal coefficients for both states of polarisation, as well as higher efficiency from a reduced quantum defect between emission and absorption wavelength. This allows for reduced thermal load effects and eliminates the sensitivity to pump polarisation, so flexible delivery of the pump light through a multimode fibre can be used.

All needed accessories such as driver, water cooled chillers and fibres are available from AMS Technologies.